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How to Implement Next-Gen Cloud Contact Centers

How to Implement Next-Gen Cloud Contact Centers
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In recent years, cloud technology has resulted in massive growth in every industry and every area of business. Contact centers worldwide have also witnessed the boom of cloud services and solutions that have improved their quality and the way they work. Imagine the time before the development and commercialization of these advanced cloud services.

Now as most contact centers have started harnessing the power of these technologies and the best-fitted cloud vendors, employees can be more productive and satisfied with their jobs. The great resignation had caused millions of employees to quit their jobs and call centers claiming an average of 30% to 45% of turnover in 2021. But why is there such an enormous number of attrition rate every year in call centers? There are many reasons, however, the lack of adoption of newer technology can demotivate employees and make them feel all burnt out.

Due to this very reason, HR professionals and leaders are introducing methods that can help employees feel motivated and stay engaged with the company by adapting to continuous learning and development through new cloud solutions.

The next-generation cloud services can transform contact centers by implementing customized features, advanced data integration, automation, analytics, and more. Contact centers’ end goal is to deliver exceptional customer service and surpass their expectations; which is exactly what next-gen cloud contact centers aim to achieve.

Integrating cloud solution

Choosing the right cloud solution for your contact centers is the most crucial step toward a successful next-gen cloud contact center. Ask yourself these questions before investing in a cloud solution:

  • Is your current cloud vendor offering all the necessary features that you are looking for?
  • What are your KPIs and are they being considered while selecting the right cloud solution?
  • Are your other cloud solutions ready to integrate with the new one?

Most importantly, check with the vendors regarding every security aspect of the cloud solution that can ensure the security of your data infrastructure.

Focus on customer experience

One essential way to improve the quality of contact centers and offer enhanced customer experience is to utilize advanced cloud services and transform the contact centers from legacy to the next generation. Today, most customers want to resolve concerns without relying too much on contact centers or by waiting on calls for hours, or sending follow-up emails or messages on chatbots.

Customers want to avail themselves of the options of self-service that are easier and faster. This way, they will find more time to look for their favorite product or service rather than wasting time contacting agents to get their issues resolved.

Optimize the capability

Many next-gen cloud solutions in the market come with various beneficial features such as tracking happiness ratings from the customers, resolution time, saving vital details of the customers, etc. Some of the features might be standardized and a few other unique features might come with premium upgrades.

As companies start utilizing these capabilities, the contact centers can become more powerful and streamlined, giving better overall results.


Investing in the right next-gen cloud solution can be challenging as there are so many options out there. However, it is an amazing tool that can take your contact center to a whole new level. So, do not miss an opportunity to transform your contact center and empower your agents with this boost of cloud technology.

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