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Best Practices to Secure Your Data Storage System

Best Practices to Secure Your Data Storage System
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With the ever-growing volume of data, organizations worldwide are deploying the best-suited data storage systems to safeguard their valuable data from cyberattacks and data loss. With the development of cloud-based data storage systems, it has become easier to store, access, analyze, and scale data anytime, anywhere. As the world moves to hybrid working mode, organizations are looking for the most efficient solutions for their employees to work without any digital hassle.

As there are multiple data storage systems in the market, companies deploy these systems to facilitate smoother communication and collaboration where employees can access the business data located at a single space. This has resulted in companies facing massive issues related to data security and threats that can get into the system and steal valuable intel for various malpractices.

Sophisticated cyberattacks are on the rise, urging more companies to address data security issues and implement the right technology and strategies to avoid data incidents. The physical location where the data is stored must be well protected so that it cannot be tampered with within and/or outside the organization. Apart from that, companies also need to secure their data from cyber threats using the right cloud technology, network, and training programs across the organization.

Check out some of the best practices that can enable a safe data storage system for your organization.

Strong regulation policy

With a strong and well-planned out data security policy, companies can protect their data and ensure compliance. The implemented policy then must be communicated across all departments and should be regulated throughout all networks, electronic devices, software, and IT infrastructure.

Most organizations that are renewing their data security policies must ensure that timely security knowledge transfer sessions or mandatory webinars are conducted with each department. This way, management can make sure that every employee understands the criticality of the matter and adheres to the updated policies.

Preventing data loss

Avoiding data incidents can be challenging. Therefore, today’s IT leaders and managers are opting for powerful data loss prevention tools and software that can protect data from theft and other compromising data risks. The right solution can offer features that oversee the collected data over all the network, cloud storage, and devices.

As cloud storage also provides high data security features it becomes more convenient to safeguard data. However, due to human intervention, errors, and incorrect practices, the rate of data loss and theft is growing every year. Hence, the right data loss prevention software solutions can offer automated regulations and compliance.

Encrypt all data

No matter where the data is stored, it is imperative to encrypt the data with the support of IT departments and secured encryption keys. These encryption keys need to be professionally managed and protected.

Audit access

When enormous amounts of data are shared across many departments, it can become difficult to audit who has access to what data. At the same time, it is crucial to keep a record of the data that is shared. Managers can easily determine which asset or data is shared with whom by properly auditing the access list to check if there is any malpractice and/or misconduct.

Concluding thoughts

Organizations all over the world are using different cloud-based software to harness and protect their data. The key is to ensure that every department understands the importance of data security and compliance. With the combination of technology and efficient workforce, data storage can be maintained and secured.

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