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Ford Recalls More Than 660,000 Explorers

Ford Recalls More Than 660000 Explorers
According to Ford, the recall will affect 620,483 vehicles in the U.S., 36,419 in Canada, and 4,260 in Mexico.

Ford on Monday issued a recall notice for more than 600,000 of its Explorer SUVs due to a hazardous roof rail cover that may become detached.

According to Ford, the recall will affect 620,483 vehicles in the U.S., 36,419 in Canada, and 4,260 in Mexico. No accidents or injuries relating to the roof railing have been reported so far, the company said.

“Ford Motor Company is issuing a safety recall for select 2016-19 Ford Explorer vehicles for roof rail covers that may become detached from the vehicle while driving and create a hazard for others on the road. Affected Explorer series vehicles include base and XLT trim levels, as well as Police Interceptor and Explorer Sport models with roof rail covers that are painted Silver, Black or Absolute Black,” the company said in the announcement.

Ford dealers will secure the roof railing with plastic push pins for customers who take their Explorers in.

Earlier in February, Ford also issued a recall for more than 150,000 Rangers due to a faulty air bag system. The air bag system potentially posed a risk of “serious injury or death” in the case of malfunction.

To determine if a vehicle is subject to a recall, customers can visit the Ford website and enter their vehicle identification number.

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