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How To Build a Stronger IT Infrastructure While Protecting Data and Preventing Data Loss 

How To Build a Stronger IT Infrastructure While Protecting Data and Preventing Data Loss 
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The world is moving on to more data-centric infrastructure where it has become highly necessary to not only protect the data but also to prevent data incidents and threats. As data keeps on expanding, evolving, and connecting with various devices, the IT and security teams also need to consider where the data extends; data can be stored on on-premises infrastructure, multi-cloud, and hybrid cloud environments. Companies are looking at various ways through which they can build an agile and robust infrastructure, automate their workflows, and manage the data lifecycle. 

Implementation of the right security solutions into the IT landscape is what companies are opting for today. This enables the IT and security teams to reduce risks, organize data, and allow, monitor, and control access to data across networks. The security teams are required to also not compromise their productivity while enabling the security solutions. 

Now let’s explore the ways that are being adopted by enterprises and IT leaders to protect their business data and prevent data threats with an integrated solution. 

Data comprehension 

Understanding the pattern of your data is necessary during the implementation of a security solution. This includes the data locations and data access management to process the information on where all the data exists and who can access the data.  

As the data is being accessed through various devices such as mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, etc., IT leaders need to adapt emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) and optimize their algorithms to safeguard their data around the current challenges. The algorithms can be configured to pinpoint sensitive data, such as login credentials, business assets, credit card details, etc. 

Data protection 

Ensuring that all the data is classified and categorized is essential in the process of data protection. With the implementation of risk mitigation policies, IT leaders can make sure that the data is not misused or accessed by unauthorized users. To effectively manage and protect the data, proactive measures such as watermarking and end-to-end data encryption can be considered to keep the unused data protected and further secure the rested data.  

The right security solution helps IT and security leaders to manage security policies and ensure adherence of those policies across all departments.  

Data loss prevention 

There are some powerful data loss prevention software that come with built-in features to ensure the curbing of data loss including unknowingly or knowingly sharing or exposing data without authorization. A secure data loss prevention tool can block high-risk actions such as providing authorization, sharing assets and sensitive business data, etc., by confirming with the users whether they want to resume the action or not. 

Best suited solution 

Intelligent data protection solutions keep companies assured that their data is secured against data threats. This offers them more time to focus on training the employees on the newly implemented solution and other major business decisions. A built-in approach in a solution can ensure the monitoring of different parts of data while also managing discrete areas of the data lifecycle without exposing any data to unauthorized users.

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