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5 Tips To Align Security With Business Objectives

5 Tips To Align Security With Business Objectives
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The smooth running of a business depends on how good the security is – no matter what vertical or horizontal. Aligning business with security not only secures the business activities but also ensures unhindered growth.

But what is the actual situation like?

Are you sure that your business security is aligned with your business objectives? 

Are the C-Suite and security leaders on the same page with security concerns? 

Does the Board of Directors know about the efforts the security teams put forth to secure the business?

Aligning security with business objectives is not just about planning, it needs implementation too. CISOs and business directors need to be on the same page with security. The POV of a business executive can differ from that of a security professional.

Security is what keeps the business going, and not the other way around in most cases. So how do we ensure security is aligned with business objectives?

  1. Learn business objectives
  2. Join hands
  3. Upgrade connectivity
  4. Importance of cybersecurity
  5. Security-focused culture

Learn Business Objectives

Aligning security with business objectives requires knowledge of the goals the business is striving for. Security professionals may lack a proper understanding of this. Similarly, business executives may lack knowledge of the security concerns related to data transactions.

Security professionals should understand

  • Organization’s mission and vision
  • CFOs take on security
  • Intentions of the board of directors
  • Market trends and direction of the company

CISOs should actively impart knowledge and direction the security professionals should take care of while securing the business. Understanding the distinction between what they need to do and why it should be done is impertinent in the alignment.

Join Hands

Security teams need access to their CEOs and board of directors so that they can prepare well for any environmental changes in the business. While many executives tend to dismiss cyber threats due to a lack of knowledge, this practice is bad for the organization.

By joining hands with the business executives, CISOs and the security teams can ensure the smooth functioning of the technological systems. Dedicated cyber security teams should be formed from both teams that can monitor both safety and business objectives.

Upgrade Connectivity

Businesses stay updated as long as there is connectivity, especially in the recent years of the COVID-19 outbreak. To ensure regular functioning, organizations must implement better connectivity to all the employees and the top management. For example, SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network).

It helps with

  • Better security
  • Reliability
  • Centralized management
  • Connectivity with different teams
  • Uninterrupted knowledge and information transfer

Importance of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is important in all organizations – be it small, medium, or large. It is imperative to keep a good rapport between the executives and cyber security professionals inside a company. Ensure that the company has security policies and mandates that lead the employees to understand the importance of security in daily business activities.

CISOs and the board of directors need to be in sync with each other regarding the possible risks and security expenditures related to security. Aligning business with security should instill the do and don’t with both concerned parties. 

Security-focused Culture

Human resources is the strength of any business organization. If the employees are unaware of the potential cyber threats that are out there, no measures can help a data breach or hack from outside or inside.

The key to security in each company is the knowledge of employees. Establish a security-focused culture and regular training within the organization, to keep them informed of the various online/offline threats they can bring in. Constant awareness, vigilance, and monitoring can bring down cyberattacks by at least 50 percent.

In Short…

Advanced cyber threats keep coming daily in today’s fast-paced internet age. Getting security issues once a year is becoming a norm. Although complete avoidance is impossible, staying alert to the threats can help tide a lot of issues.

Aligning security with business objectives needs complete cooperation between all teams and individuals in the company.

So join together and be safe.

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